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"he was missing me and stuff."

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28/∞ pics of ziam

28/ pics of ziam

25/∞ pics of ziam

25/ pics of ziam

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P.S: I miss you. Like every day.



Fandom: one direction

Pairings; ziam

Summary: Liam and Zayn broke up seven years ago. A box of letters makes him deal with it. Finally.

A/N: this is for lookatziam. I hope you’ll enjoy it Joha. It’s super sad. Thank you to emojipayne,

I’ve been dying to read this, I swear I have, but I’ve been way too emotional lately to handle it.  But my dashboard is on fire because it’s so good.  So read it… I’m not giving you any other options :)

I Didn’t Fall (you tripped me)


SUMMARY: Zayn meets Liam during the second semester of his senior year. This is just their story.

WORDS: 6000 (of absolute shit I’ve warned you)

It turned into some weird, Nor-Cal AU. Sorrynotsorry.

Also this is almost word-for-word, action-for-action, thought-for-thought autobiographical. Just need an outlet - and you guys need new fic so I think it’s a win-win situation don’t you?:)

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Wait… what?  Safaa wrote something?  Holy crap!  SAFAA WROTE SOMETHING!!

Read this now (or later) but read this

Anonymous said: do you have twitter? x

I did but it was long before my Tumblr account.  It was more of a personal one, one that was connected to my life outside of here.  I don’t anymore and really don’t plan to…. people on Twitter can be rather harsh.  There’s no filter for them on there.  Kind of scary :(

Anonymous said: I hate that ppl make you doubt yourself. I love when you're on all the time. Your music recs, how you'l cheekily add a nsfw post. I love when you interact and talk to us and tell us about your day. I love you Jessie. (As a friend I swear) 😚😋

Hey darling!

Oh, don’t blame the people — it’s definitely me.  I’ve always been insecure about how people feel about me.  Always felt I was never “normal” enough or too boring or just not the coolest guy in the group.  It’s my own issue, no one else’s.

But I’ll try to do better to post more music recs and sneak in a couple of cheeky photos when I can ;)  And I love interacting with people but time doesn’t always permit because of work.

Love you too babe xx

Anonymous said: You really should credit the photographers if the pics aint yours!

Oh wow, I’m sorry anon.

Was it the gift set I posted?  Or was it the collection of “calming” photos I put up.  I’ll definitely ensure I don’t post any picture posts if that’s an issue.  I definitely don’t want to offend anyone.  I usually just grab my photos/gifs from Google Images.

So sorry if I stole any of your stuff :(

Anonymous said: I love you

Aww Sugar Bomb I love you too!! xx

Anonymous said: what are your personal favourite ziam fics ? p.s. your writing is amazing ily xxx

Hello Hot Fuss!

Well, this is a tough one now, isn’t it?

First let me say that I don’t have any personal favorites.  No matter what you say to me, the Ziam fandom is filled with so many ridiculous talented authors that you can’t ever just pick one or a few.  There’s too many!  Can I list some of my favorite writers to give you somewhere to start though?

I highly recommend anything by the following writers (here are there Ao3 links): , , , , , ,  (who just wrote a brilliant, brilliant new piece about Liam/Veronica [Zayn] that is a must read), , , , , ,

Now my go-to fics when I’m feeling depressed or lonely or like a shit person are:

  1. Floating On The Water
  2. the truth or something beautiful
  3. Ridiculous
  4. Permanent
  5. let’s pretend it’s love
  6. You Never Give Up On Me
  7. Baby Love Me Lights Out

These few just always make me feel warm and put me in a special place for various reasons but they’re not necessarily my favorites ever written.  Just a list of fics that’ll make you feel tingly by the end of them :)

I hope this helped a little.