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Anonymous asked: i know this may come off as an incredibly invasive question so feel free not to answer but i saw that you said you initially went to college because you had a big crush on this girl, but i thought i'd seen you previous identify as gay in other ask replies? i could be totally wrong in that, though. i'm just asking because i'm always curious as to how people identify themselves on a spectrum, rather than just heterosexual/homosexual.

Hello honeybear!

Hmm… how to answer this question while being politically correct and not losing followers and not having my whole life on display… ??

Yes, I went to college for a girl I had an insane crush on.  Love her to death.  Back then, I wanted to marry said girl.

Am I gay?  Yep.  When did I come to that realization?  Um, when I left college?  Yeah, around then.  It’s a long, long explanation and stuff but yes, I love being with men and find myself attracted to men and that’s that I suppose.

I don’t know where I’d fit in on the spectrum and all of the analysis and if I even fit into a category — I just know I’m gay because I want to be with, on an emotional and physical level, a man.

I hope that was an answer but it might not be?? I’m terrible at these things!

Anonymous asked: Boxer!liam/model!zayn SLAY!

Umm, I wish I could say I was writing it but… I’m not very good at prompts and stuff.  So.. we shall see??  I don’t know what I’m doing these days :(

Anonymous asked: you are literally the kindest and sweetest person alive like goddammit thank you so much for existing also you're an incredible writer UGH I JUST LOVE YOU SO MUCH you're amazing i just really need you to know that

Hellllloooooooo Nurse!

(guess that reference)

Nope, nope, and a double nope.  People like you are the kindest, sweetest people in the world.  Why?  Because taking the time to tell anyone how amazing they are takes courage.  It takes heart.  It takes bravery because this world is filled with so many people who will gladly voice the negative but keep the good stuff trapped in their head because no one needs to know they’re loved, right?  It’s sad.

But that is what makes you special.  And that’s what makes you better than I could ever be.  So thank you for this message!



Where???  Someone is writing a Liam as a boxer fic?!  Wicked ;)  xx

I swear you couldn’t pay me to meet these two… I wouldn’t know what to do with these kind of looks.  And I think it’s illegal (like texting and driving or running a red light) to stare at gorgeous lads so…

laynefaire said: you still haven’t explained the boxing gloves … .

New hobby?? :P

Don’t tell but I’m writing slowly but surely again lmfao

I swear my face lit up like midnight on New Year’s.  I’m just… thank the heavens!!  I mean there are some really good authors still writing but I just miss, miss people like you.  Seriously.


I have my granddaughter a lot this week, but hopefully I will get something done in the evening.  Sick as hell after going to the beach in freezing conditions on Sunday to take pics of the waves.

Awww, babe.  I’m so so sorry to hear that!  You should rest.  Writing and being sick can be an awful combination because the brain never works the way you want it to when you’re sick.  Just sit back and enjoy the view from your screen :)

Anonymous asked: The beginning of your story reminded me of Felicity.

Ooh, which one?  Ah, the good old days of Felicity and the WB.  Never made it past the first season of that show but I heard it ended well :D

I want to know what the deal is with the boxing gloves. I’m doing research - watching the Ripcurl Pro finals on livestream. Watching a surf tournament totally counts as research

Watching surf finals = cheating… No, it counts, it counts! Aha ;)  You had better get a move on with that fic too.  I don’t want to remind you how many months it’s been since we first talked about it *wink*  I need results babe!!