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I don’t know if it’s because I’m feeling nostalgic or having a moment or if it’s something a bit more clinical but the sadness is real…

I miss the good times from last year around this time.  I miss that feeling deep in the pit of my stomach that something good was happening.  I miss speeding home from work to write a fic.  I miss late Saturday conversations about nothing on here.

But, most of all, I miss the old gang.  I love all of my followers (new and old) — but I really do miss the group of people who welcomed me so openly those first few months and helped me through my summer from hell and posted fics or pics every other day so I had something to distract me… or be jealous of :)

Miss you 'fierce five' — memories that can’t be erased

Anonymous asked: hiya lovely Jesse. how are you ? have you seen this prompt givemethatpaynis(.)tumblr(.)com/post/82707525867/listen-i-would-read-an-infinite-amount-of-uni ??? it's so gooood, and I couldn't stop thinking about you writing it, because I think you'd like. xxxx

Hey sweet thing!

I did see that post in passing the other day and… fuck, I’d kill for that!  If I have the imagination for it — I’d write it.  Maybe?  I’d probably love doing it… we shall see?  I shall save this post for a later fic!!

Thanks sweetheart *hugs*

This will always, always be my favorite look on him… beautiful.

you will cry and i will cry ‘cause all the love’s alive tonight.

Stars - Sleep Tonight

SNSD - Mr. Mr.

I never pictured, you and I
My new addiction — you.

Anonymous asked: Ziam fics where Zayn sometimes speak urdu to Liam?

Hey lollipop!

Are you asking me to write a fic like this or if there are fics out there like this?  I know there are some fics out there like this, especially stuff by Safaa (unfortunate17)

Anonymous asked: Hello love! May i just say, that your writing is absolutely amazing! I always find myself going back to read them over and over again! I love them so much! You're definitely one of my favorites(: I noticed you mentioned a few other ziam authors below, can you possibly send me their tumblr or ao3 link please love??(: and btw, Kids that I Once Knew made me cry so much, but it's also my favorite ziam fic (:

Hey Lemon Drop!

Aww, thank you for all the love.  It always amazes me that people would want to read any of my fics more than once — I never go back and read them over because, I don’t know, I find way too many mistakes that drive me nuts.

Hmm, I’ve mentioned quite a few authors of the past couple of weeks.  Anyone in particular you were looking for?  Here’s a few:

Caitlin —  (Read: Floating On the Water, the List)
Lea —  (Read: Let’s Pretend It’s Love, You’ll Never Treat Yourself Right)
Safaa —  (Read: Clockwork, You Make Me Worthy)
Noel —  (Read: Our Doubting Bones, What It Takes)
Alex —  (Read: The Truth or Something Beautiful, You Look Great When I’m Fucked Up)
Sam —  (Read: Snowed In, Shiva My Ass)

This is just a few but I could go on for days about the massive amounts of talented Ziam authors out there!

Hope this helps darling!

Well you can make my bed;
I’ll fall into it — shattered but not lonely
Because I never knew a home until I found your hands
And when I’m weathered — you come to me, you’re my best friend.

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