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I don’t care if we never come back from the night…

From the night — even though we’re all scared when it’s gone.
In the morning you’ll wake up and make-up yourself
and move on.

"From the Night" — Stars

Anonymous said: if it's anon sending time then i guess i should pitch in and tell you after being in love with your writing for like a year i started following you recently and things have taken a rather unexpected turn because you see i was not expecting whoever was writing these magical ziam masterpieces to be so goddamn hot. i'm still in shock from the first time i saw one of your selfies, and ever since each time you post one i stare at it for the longest time. end of shallow message. have a great day!

Well, well, well… hello Jessica Rabbit!

My oh my, this message was a nice read tonight ;)

But, ah, I was always worried about posting a selfie on here.  I’m a bit self-conscious and I’ve never wanted to ruin the image someone had in their head of me.  I think it’s really cute when people are shocked that I’m a guy… I never get tired of the way people freak out aha!

Ha, I’m definitely not the cutest writer on here but thank you for this message.  Definitely made me feel all sexy on the inside :D

End of shallow response xx

Anonymous said: Jesse what country do you live in?

Hey Cotton Cloud!

I live in the USA :)

But, in another life, I believe I was meant to be born in the UK.  I’ve adored that country for too many years to count (way before this newly fond obsession with five guys and that one with a quaff aha).

Anonymous said: A new J's fic 😍 ? By Sep. Got me all excited here Jesse! This is going to be a nice birthday gift lol, lots of love xx

Aww Love-a-Lot Bear!

When is your birthday?!  Maybe I can publish the fic just before or right around then?  That could be pretty cool and, since I don’t have any money to spare, it could be my little gift aha :)

Love to you too babe xx

Anonymous said: i just wanted to let you know that i think you are one of the nicest people on this fucking website. you answer everything in such a nice way and you are never disrespectful against others. like seriously this world needs more people like you xx

Hey Sun Splash Gold!

The nicest?  Eh, not by a long shot.  That title definitely belongs to people like Jarka or Héla or, by far, LEA!!  Lea (wafflehoodis such a sweetheart.

However, I try to respect people like I want to be respected.  It’s my golden rule: treat someone how you’d want the world to treat you.  I’m pretty much an asshole outside of Tumblr though (I’m kidding!!!) but thank you so much.  There’s a time and a place to be stern or straightforward or mouthy and that’s usually in the bedroom (again, it’s a joke!!).

This world, however, needs more people like you who take the time out to send messages like this.  If more people told other people how wonderful they are as a person, I think we’d have less angry people.  Or maybe less douchebags :D


Anonymous said: Hey! I'm super super sorry to bug you but I'm in a fix and I was wondering if you could help me. See awhile ago, I read a Ziam fic where Zayn has a heart problem which leads to a connection between Liam and him but I CAN'T FIND IT and I can't remember who wrote it and it's sorta stressing me out so you were the first person I thought of and I'm really sorry if this is annoying but do you know which one I'm talking about? Sorry eeeek

Hey there Firefly!

Aww, no need too panic or think you’re annoying me.  I love when people ask me about Ziam fics!  I try to read as many as possible when I get a chance to and I do know the fic of which you are referring, however…

The author has removed it from her Ao3 account, which is why you can’t find it.  I happen to know the author, she’s a sweet girl named Noel.  Simply drop her a message off of anon in her mailbox and I know she’ll gladly unlock it for you to read in her own personal archive.

Here’s her page: Noel

Hellooooooo Noel, someone is asking about one of your great pieces again ;)


do you ever just read a fic and think

you do not have enough kudos for how good you are

(via unfortunate17)

Anonymous said: Hey Jesse! Are you working on anything new that we'll get to read soon?

Hey Strawberry Swirl!

Yes, I am working on something new when I get spare time.

No, you will not get to read it soon :(

I’ve just been crazy busy with work and planning a trip to go meet my new nephew that I only really get a little bit of free time to work on it and, also, I’ve been struggling with the beginning of the fic and the direction of it all.  I didn’t plot it out in full detail this time but it’s coming along.  I’ve been getting a bunch of ideas in my head just before I fall asleep so hopefully I can write them out soon.

I think I’ll be done by early September though?

Thanks for asking babe!! xx